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About Us

Rankings Digital is a digital marketing agency, helping businesses of all sizes achieve their business goals. We are a friendly team of marketing specialist each specializing in a unique part of marketing online, whether it be SEO, social media, PPC or reputation management. With us, you get a complete service strategically planned to fit your business.

Founded in 2016, so we cannot say that we have been around for 10 years. However, this means that unlike other long established companies, we care about you as a client and your satisfaction with our service means everything to us.


We Are Part of Mastermind SEO and Digital Marketing Groups

On top of our own testing and research, we have invested a large sum to become part of SEO mastermind groups, featuring the worlds top SEO's and digital marketers. In these groups, knowledge and research is shared and discussed, giving us a competitive edge on other SEO agencies as we essentially have the best digital marketers working by our side. This knowledge mixed with our own creative strategies is very powerful and can transform any business.

Petr Kadlec, Founder

Hello, I am Petr Kadlec, the founder of Rankings Digital.

I started the agency because it is my passion to help people achieve their goals and succeed. Given my interest in technology and marketing, as well as my drive to help people, I quickly found that SEO was the industry for me. With 90% of consumers researching products and services online, SEO is the perfect option when looking to increase your customer base and get more revenue. By utilising SEO and becoming an expert in the field, I have been able to bring great results to our clients, making them more successful and helping them achieve their dreams. Whether it be to expand your business, or get that car you have always wanted, I will always do all I can to help.

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