October 25, 2016

Clubs in Hertfordshire

Here are some clubs you must visit during your stay in Hertfordshire!

Hertfordshire is not really known for clubbing and partying. It is more known for its history and culture. However, this does not mean that clubbing in Hertfordshire is non-existent. Many of the locals meet up in their local clubs and bars over the weekend to socialise and have fun. One of the clubbing towns in Hertfordshire is Hertford, which has a good selection of two clubs and a bunch of pubs and bars that provide a great Friday/Saturday night. Below are the top three clubs and bars to visit if you are ever in Hertfordshire.


Stonehouse had to be our number one choice because of the popularity of this club. It is the largest club in the town and therefore most popular not just for the locals, but also for people in surrounding towns like Ware, Stevenage and Welwyn. The club itself is relatively well priced and it only costs £5 for entry. The drinks are normal priced but expensive for what they are, but this is to be expected just like any other club. Stonehouse features two dance floors – one upstairs (the main dance floor) and one downstairs, both with separate DJ’s and different music. In addition to this, there are also three bars with the main bar being positioned downstairs, another large bar upstairs and a small bar at the far side of the upstairs dance floor. There is also an outside smoking area. Stonehouse, Hertfordshire is one of the most popular ‘small’ clubs in the county and should definitely be on your hit list.


Next, we have Deco club. This is a pub during the day but once nightfall comes, the downstairs opens up to let in all the party people. Deco in Hertfordshire is quite a small club and does not fit many people. Yet it is more than capable of offering a great night out. There are two bars, one upstairs (the pub) and one next to the only dance floor based downstairs. This is a good club if you are looking to go out for a friends birthday and book a booth so you have a place to sit. The booths are quite spacious and luxurious. The packages on offer are also quite well priced. Unfortunately, we cannot compare this small club to Stonehouse simply because of the popularity and size of Stonehouse. However, this is definitely our number two pick.

Dog and Whistle Pub

This is a great pub during the night and during the day. The drinks are well priced and the music is just loud enough to create a dancing atmosphere while still being able to talk and hear what is being communicated. There is plenty of seating on offer with a beautiful garden to relax in and socialise with your friends. Sometimes but not always, a DJ is featured for more of a clubbing atmosphere to attract more youngsters, however, the main theme and vibe of the pub is a relaxing one. Overall this is a great place to relax in and have a good night out in Hertfordshire.


Hertfordshire Clubbing

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