November 17, 2016

Places to Visit in Hertfordshire

Whether you are a tourist or a local resident, here are the best places to visit during your stay in the county of Hertfordshire, UK.

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St Albans Cathedral in Hertfordshire

Cathedral of Hertfordshire

First on the list is the St Albans Cathedral based in Hertfordshire, referred to as “the Abbey”. This is a church of England cathedral and became an abbey in the 16th century, after which it became a cathedral in 1877. As you may notice, a lot of the architecture comes from the Norman times as this is when it was built, somewhere around the 8th century. This church does differ from other cathedrals in England as it has and still is being used as a parish church. Since 1983, the services offered by the Cathedral have included a Roman Catholic meeting which runs weekly. This means that the cathedral has links with Roman Catholics (formal links) in Italy and Sweden. ¬†In 1992, the Chapter House was rebuilt. Based on its Benedictine predecessor, it was marked as open by the Queen of England. The bricks of this Chapter House were hand made to match the Norman theme of the cathedral. The Hertfordshire town of St Albans grew largely in the 20th century. Unsurprisingly, the cathedral had developed along with the town, becoming one of the biggest congregations of any English cathedral.



Hatfield House in Hertfordshire

The Hatfield House, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

The home of Marquess & Marchioness of Salisbury live in the Hertfordshire, Hatfield House. This house has been owned by the family for around 400 years. In 1611, Robert Cecil built the Jacobean House, thereby joining the place then known as the Palace of Hatfield and many examples of Jacobean’s beautiful architecture can be seen throughout the building. For example the Grand Staircase, which has some very good carvings as well as a stained glass window in the chapel. This is extremely rare and was specifically decorated to impress the Royal Court. There are also many memories throughout the Hatfield House based in Hertfordshire, collected by political families. The house was finally constructed in 1611. Well built by Robert Cecil, it has become a Hertfordshire landmark.




Hertfordshire Zoo Paradise Wildlife Park

Paradise Wildlife Park Zoo


Paradise Wildlife Park is a large zoo in Hertfordshire and opened in the 1960’s. This wildlife park has had many upgrades over the last couple of years, allowing for more animals and improved habitats. The new sections include: Wonders of the Rain-forest, Squirrel Monkey Island and a preparation area. A whole new veterinary section has been introduced to make sure all animals are healthy. This park is especially aimed at younger children with many different attractions and obstacle courses available for entertainment between animal watching. Food is available but quite expensive so we recommend bringing a lunch as most food offered is just a fast food snack. If you are in Hertfordshire with your family, this is a great place to visit.




If you are visiting Hertfordshire with family, the above are some great places to visit, whether you are looking for entertainment, or history the above list will suit your needs. The county does offer plenty of other attractions which can be found on TripAdvisor. We recommend booking tickets in advance online if you are looking to view the Hatfield house or cathedral as tickets are cheaper online. The same goes for Paradise Wildlife, we recommend to book online. Each of the landmarks above are located fairly close to each other so it is perfectly doable to see all three in one day. Although we recommend you take a full day to check out the zoo, especially if you are going to be bringing the kids along with you to see the animals.