May 6, 2016

Mobile Friendly Optimization

Why Does Your Site Need To Be Mobile Friendly?


Mobile Optimization

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Today there are millions of websites out there in many different niches. In dense markets, a website which looks good on a mobile may be the thing that helps you take your business to the next level and up its rank in search results.
Google are now penalising non-mobile friendly sites! 

If your site isn’t easy to use on mobile and is not mobile optimised, Google will penalise it by rating it lower on its mobile research results pages. This is to give website owners an urge to update to mobile friendly websites in all parts of the world. As announced in May 2016, Google will raise the significance of having a site that is mobile friendly, and websites which are not optimized for mobiles may rank much lower than before. The fundamental notion here is to give mobile users a much better research experience. This project was launched last year in 2015 and has now become extremely important in dense markets. Mercifully, most publishing companies now provide quite decent mobile web pages and have heeded the call to make their site mobile friendly. Many companies are now using mobile optimized sites, allowing them to keep their ranking in search engines and in many cases push them even higher. However, there are still a lot of websites on the internet which are not mobile friendly and in a lot of cases, this may be impacting them dramatically as they are ranked below their competitors who are getting all the traffic. 

How Can We Help?

We offer a very affordable service to make your site mobile friendly very quickly, with no downtime and work with customers all over the world. This way you can keep a peace of mind that you will not lose your website rank on search engines, and continue getting traffic from mobile users. 
Please note we only work with WordPress sites.

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