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SEO Tips

We understand that SEO can be a very expensive investment that not everyone is prepared to dive into at this time. Although professional help is always recommended, some of us will still give it a shot on our own! So here are some things you can apply to your website today to better your SEO and send Google and other major search engines the correct signals and start competing for your sought after keywords.

Create social media profiles

Social platforms are some of the most powerful websites on the internet and also the most trusted by search engines. This technique is particularly good if you are still getting started and don’t have a large following or budget to get featured in places like Moz or Forbes where a link to your website would hold huge weight.

Social links are very easy to get and they are very safe. Google will never penalise your site for having social links because it is natural. Especially in today’s world where everyone with a smartphone has a Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Linkedin accounts. These are perfect places to get safe, powerful backlinks. On top of this, while you link back to your site, you have the chance to engage with people through these platforms. Google loves engagement because it shows you are a valid business with a growing customer base. This is also a good way to attract potential clients!


You should write your content with SEO in mind, but don’t be overly focused on the SEO part. You want to create quality, engaging content that your reader will enjoy reading. Again, think that a potential client may be reading your blog post one day! The way I do it is that I write an article WITHOUT search engine optimisation in mind. This is so I can focus on creating quality content for the user. Once I have finished writing the article, I then go back and insert keywords and do all the optimising etc.

One thing to keep in mind is to not use your keywords too frequently. It is difficult to say when you should use a keyword ‘x’ amount of times and where not because all keywords are different. Here, I will give you an example of what I mean. If your keyword is a common phrase like SEO Expert, then naturally if you are writing about that topic, you may include it 20 times in 500 words, which is fine! If you are targetting a keyword like ‘the best results driven expert in the United Kingdom’ you will only need to include it once or twice in 500 words. This is because it is not a common phrase.

SEO Content

Download the SEOPressor Connect Plugin

SEOPressor is perhaps the most powerful SEO plugin available for WordPress. It is very easy to use and requires minimal setup. The plugin is great for on-page SEO optimisation and has tons of useful features that will help you make Google LOVE your website. It does cost $9 per month, however, that is a very small price to pay for all the features and benefits this plugin will bring you.

You get an on-page analysis feature, which tells you how you can improve your page in terms of content and gives you optimisation tips. It looks at things like keyword density, sentence length and word count which is very useful. On the other hand, it also has a handy over-optimisation tool. We all know how Google likes to penalise sites for having pages that have clearly been stuffed with anchor text links and keywords. This plugin makes sure you are not getting too carried away with your on-page SEO!

There is even a tool where you can optimise your content for multiple variations of your targetted keyword. We have not seen this feature in any other plugin and it is super useful as you are essentially optimising to take over Google for variations of your keyword.

Creating XML sitemaps has never been easier and you can control 301 redirections, customize Facebook OpenGraph and Twitter Card. Everything is included in this plugin, meaning you do not have to go out looking for separate plugins to do specific things. This is an all-rounder.
The Link Manager feature is great too. It makes it super easy to manage and build your link structure – again, something we have not seen offered by any other plugin. This is essential to SEO as well as creating a user-friendly website.

SEOPressor Connect has so many awesome features that I cannot list them all here, so click here to check it out for yourself, it is an essential plugin for any website!


Outgoing Links

It is normal to have a couple of outgoing links in your articles and blog posts. Don’t be afraid to link out, Google actually likes this because it is a normal thing to do amongst bloggers. Just make sure you are linking to relevant content that will actually help your reader find out more information. Try to keep the links going to authoritative websites, which have a good reputation.

SEO is about quality. Take your time to do things right and always keep quality in mind. SEO takes time but as long as you have a strategy in place and you stay consistent, you will find success!

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