December 25, 2016

Top 4 Hertfordshire Shopping Centres

Our 4 best shopping centres located in Hertfordshire:

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There area a good amount of places in and around Hertfordshire when you can go shopping alone, or with the family. Though the historic county is not known for its shopping centres as it is for history and culture, there are a few popular places to go shopping, which will almost certainly fit your needs. We have included our top four choices for going shopping for things like clothes, furniture and DIY appliances in Hertfordshire. They are in no particular order and all offer a variety of products.

The Galleria

Based in Hatfield, The Galleria is one of the biggest indoor shopping centres in Hertfordshire, offering plenty of shops and restaurants. A variety of brands is offered throughout the shopping centre, giving you a great choice of different fashion trends, great brands at decent prices. The Galleria also has an Odeon cinema inside with quite big screens so it is no small cinema. There is available entertainment for the kids like an obstacle course and trampolines and in the winter a small ice rink. This makes it the perfect day out with the family in Hertfordshire.

Shopping Center in Hertfordshire

The Galleria, Hatfield, Hertfordshire

Birchley Green Shopping Centre

Located in Hertford, Hertfordshire, this small shopping centre is outdoor based and only offers a few small shops. This is not the shopping centre if you want to get an entirely new wardrobe, however, it is a very nice place just by the famous River Lea, where the kids can go and fed the ducks and swans, and offers a great range of small coffee and lunch shops where you can relax alone or with the kids.  You will find that there are not many fashion shops here, mostly small gift shops and food shops like Waitrose. There are two train stations nearby (within a 20-minute walk radius) and a bus station right next to the Birchley Green Shopping Centre in Hertfordshire. This is a very nice place for a relaxing day out with the family.

Hertfordshire Shopping

Birchley Green Shopping, Hertford, Hertfordshire

Westgate Shopping Centre

Westgate shopping centre is a very popular destination for anyone looking to go shopping in the Hertfordshire area. This is one of the largest shopping centres in Hertfordshire, with 35 retail shops and featuring an indoor shopping centre as well as an outdoor one too. There is a very large number of shops here, which will suit your fashion needs with brands like Ralph Lauren, Superdry, Nike and Adidas. You can shop for any occasion including sport. In addition, a number of coffee shops like costa are available fo you to be able to spend the day here with the family and have lunch as well. You don’t need to worry about not being able to shop outside as the walkways are covered by well-designed roofing which will keep you and the family nice and dry.

Hertfordshire shopping centre

Westgate Shopping Centre in Hertfordshire

Howard Centre

This is the last shopping centre on our list and it is located in Welwyn Garden City, a town in Hertfordshire. It has gotten its name after Sir Ebenezer Howard and offers a wide range of shops with its 240,000 sq feet area. The train station is located inside the Howard centre, which is very convenient for all customers and anyone looking to travel locally, the bus station is just outside. The shops offered here are mostly shops like Next, JD Sports and Rive Island. So if you are looking for high street fashion brands, this is not the place for you. There are also coffee shops, restaurants, and many more shops outside surrounding the shopping centre.

Hertfordshire Howard shopping centre

Howard Shopping Centre in Hertfordshire


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